About us


Handy is the brand of the biggest retail chain for mobile phones, accessories and digital equipment on the Balkans!

Beyond its creation, establishment and daily work it’s us – the Handy-Tel’s big team! We founded this company 15 years ago, not only with the intention to sell mobile phones, but in service to bring you the best way to communicate. It turned out that we know how to do it and we do it well! We proved it on one hand - by turning Handy-Tel into the biggest Bulgarian telecommunication and mobile phones trading company, with the longest history on the market, and on the other hand, you did it as well – by choosing us! Our commercial development is a sound example of successful entrepreneurship, not only in Bulgaria. Therefore, the number of HANDY stores, nowadays are, as follows: more than 130 in Bulgaria, over than 240 in Serbia and 30 in Macedonia.

Handy stores – your best choice

We became a market leader in three countries, because we combine the best professionals with the best offers in the field of mobile telecommunications. You can leave the choice for a digital communication that truly suites you to more than 800 highly trained and knowledgeable Handy consultants. Each one of them is eager to find the best solution for you responsibly, kindly and the most important – competent! We did our best to provide a really modern background for this process building our HANDY stores as a pleasant and attractive commercial area, always located on top places in your city.

We insist on maintaining our unique Handy identity

…by always offering you the newest, the best and the most attractive from the world of mobile communications! Besides the mobile phones, smartphones and the accessories for them in every Handy store you will find a big range of world-famous digital devices. Take advantage of our regular promotions and competitive prices of a huge diverse of photo cameras, navigations, portable computers, MP3/MP4 players and tablets.

Handy Tel – the main partner of MTel

Our company won the recognition of becoming a main partner to the biggest Bulgarian mobile operator – Mtel! In all Handy stores you can find the hottest and competitive offers and plans from the big world of mobile telecommunications, you can also pay your Mtel bills or do your instalments.
For more than 10 years our mutual efforts are dedicated to serve you with the most effective solutions, making no compromise with the quality and price!

Handy Club – this is our loyalty program

We are extremely pleased and do appreciate the good attitude towards us, this is our reward! That’s why we show our gratitude giving you an exclusive opportunity to be the first to know our latest promotions and special prices of the newest and the most desirable mobile phones, smartphones and accessories.


Handy Broker

We work successfully in the Insurance field! Since 2008 Handy is a licensed insurance broker. As such, our company cooperates with all major insurance companies in Bulgaria. In our stores are employed more than 500 especially trained insurance advisers who will be happy to inform you about our insurance products and to find the best solution for your unique needs. You can buy all the mandatory and voluntary insurances in more than 130 offices in the country! And besides your movable and immovable property, only at Handy offices you can insure your mobile phone, tablet or any kind of portable electronic device. That’s why we created our special and unique insurance product “Handy Guard”. Handy broker provides you with insured event assistance and will take care of you being its costumer with special discounts, promotions and timely reminders through SMS, regarding your upcoming instalments.


Handy Tel – partner of Easy Pay

In Handy stores you can take advantage of the payment system EasyPay. It gives you the ability to accomplish a wide range of financial operations and money transfers in each one of more than our 130 points of sale. We offer you to save time and money, by paying your bills, taxes and duties at our stores. Besides this, you can make bank transfers, send and receive cash, pay invoices, make donations and buy tickets for events and concerts. All this and many more financial services – it’s what you can get from the reliable system Easy Pay at every Handy store close to you!

Handy is not only the name of our stores. Handy is the whole range of telecommunications products, services and special offers, presented so that you can really get into your hands the best solution from the diversity of the digital world, to buy it on the best price, to leave satisfied and to come again – right back to us!