Mtel is the biggest mobile operator in Bulgaria. The telecom is an absolute market leader with over 4.1 million customers. In addition to mobile services, Mtel offers fixed telecommunication services, high-speed internet and digital TV to its subscribers. From the beginning of 2017, the mobile operator launched its own sports TV channels - Mtel Sport 1 and 2, and with the acquisition of blizoo Mtel is also the biggest supplier in Bulgaria on fixed Internet!

Mtel is part of Telekom Austria Group - one of the largest corporate groups in Central and Eastern Europe to supply telecommunication services with over 24 million customers in eight countries: Austria (A1), Bulgaria (Mtel), Belarus (velcom), Croatia (Vipnet), Slovenia (Si.mobil), Serbia (Vip mobile), Macedonia (one.Vip), and Liechtenstein (Telecom Liechtenstein). Telecom Austria Group's portfolio includes voice telephony, high-speed internet, multimedia services and high-tech, data and online payments.

The official partnership of Handy and Mtel started in 2005 with a contract for the exclusivity. Today, all Handy stores are branded with the Mtel logo and there can be found the latest offers from the world of mobile communications combined with the most advantageous Mtel subscription plans.

At Handy, all of our current and future customers have the competent counseling for signing and re-signing subscription contracts, can conveniently and quickly pay their bills or make their contributions to Mtel. Our company deserves the recognition to be the main partner of the biggest Bulgarian operator Mtel, successfully meeting the high quality standards in the offer, service and communication with the customer set by Telecom. For over ten years, the partnership between Handy and Mtel has no compromise in offering the best price, quality and efficiency.